1963 220SE Cabriolet blue soft top (e)

California dreaming


  • There are rather sportier Mercedes cars than this car. Nevertheless, none is classier than this model. The 220SE Cabriolet contributed greatly to defining the mystique of Mercedes-Benz as a classy car, becoming a status symbol and a perfect scene object for movies shot on the facade of iconic hotels, casinos and restaurants.
  • Injected 6-cylinder engine – Automatic, 4 gears, with air-conditioner and hydraulic steering – Original white colour, blue soft-top and interior, original radio, electric antenna – Overhauled and refurbished instruments that are working properly.
  • Bodywork and painting completely redone, according to original features – Mechanics completely revised – Car matching numbers, antique plate.
  • Classic imported from California (USA) to São Paulo (Brazil), available for sale in Brazil or for exporting to any country.