1965 230SL Pagoda (e)


This timeless classic resembles a delicate work of art, with graceful and elegant features. Nevertheless, it also presents itself as a racing machine, winner of the competitive Spa-Sofia-Liège Rally in 1963 driven by Eugen Böhringer.

The MB model became famous for its “pagoda” roof. Its heavy removable hardtop was exclusively provided with a concave curve (usually the cars’ roof is convex when seen from the front or rear). Mercedes-Benz engineers created this rigid structure for the car to protect occupants in a rollover. Furthermore, the roof edges facing upwards made room for taller windows, ensuring better visibility and giving the car a light look.

Engine performance upgraded to 280SL, 4-speed manual transmission, German version – Matching numbers, antique plate, car fully restored in the original standards – Colour dark green, bamboo interior, leather upholstery, two hoods: hardtop and soft-top in black canvas – Original Becker radio, electric antenna, air conditioning, power steering.

Car available for sale in Brazil or for export to any country.