1958 220S Ponton Sedan (e)


The Ponton model symbolizes the rebirth of Daimler-Benz after being bombed and virtually destroyed at the end of World War II. At the beginning of the postwar period, the manufacturer returned to produce the Type 170 series, actually a pre-war model, and then the luxurious Type 300 “Adenauer” limousine.

Functional luxury was a definition used for the Ponton model release. The design was focused on the passengers’ comfort and safety. The ponton style unitised all parts of the car, opening up internal spaces. The car’s design was also pioneered by presenting front and rear crumple zones to absorb the kinetic energy on impact. The 220S model launched the S line, which became a permanent fixture to the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz models.

The Ponton model was distinguished by its reinforced structure, which gave it more strength and at the same time more lightness. It also had a separate U-shaped substructure, which supported the engine, gearbox, suspension and steering bar, resembling a suspension bridge, a possible reason why the model became known as “Ponton”.

Carefully restored car, burgundy color, a masterpiece of a car, collector plate, originality report, Interior in 1060 cream leather and wood, wooden panel and door frame perfectly shaped and polished.

2,195 cc, 100 hp, 6-cylinder, manual transmission, 4 speed, double carburetion, 5 seats, excellent mechanical condition, completely revised, car running smoothly.

Car available for sale in Brazil or for export to any country.